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A Dutch-English childcare group is starting at the Childcare Keiki Holo Holo!

Young children learn a language naturally, just with the daily routine and playing. All we have to do is create a language-rich environment and the rest will take care of itself! How cool is it to learn a second language without realizing it?!

The English language is becoming more and more prominent in our society. Both in the daily life and in business. How fantastic is it if you can already lay a good foundation in a period when learning a language comes naturally in a playful way?

For who:
For children from 2 years. Ideal for expat children but also very valuable for Dutch children, which give you a head start in the English language!

In a completely new wing of our location in Nootdorp. We create a nice homely group where everything is as much as possible at child height so that self-reliance is stimulated. We opt for conscious and sustainable play material that stimulates fantasy and creativity. This group is located directly on its own outdoor space. This outdoor space becomes an oasis of natural loose parts. Here children can play and do crafts. In the other garden, where the children are of course also allowed to play, they can run and cycle.  There is a sandbox in both gardens.

In practice, there will be no emphasis on learning the languages. After all, learning the language comes naturally. The group will mainly focus on having fun, learning colors, counting, days of the week, months of the year and the seasons in a playful way. In addition, we will work with themes and the children will already be prepared for primary school. We learn to cut and paste, sit in the circle and make a nice row when going outside.

One of the biggest focuses in the group will be self-reliance. We use the motto “help me do it myself”. This means that the theachers have a coaching role in which they encourage the childeren to do things for thenselves and to work in a solution-oriented way. In addition, the children will together take care of the group, each other and the daily tasks. They will all play an important role, such as setting the table, emptying the dishwasher, providing their group mates with a face cloth after lunch or watering the plants. In this way, children learn to feel responsible for their environment and to take care of each other. That will grow their self-confidence!

The group will open in January 2024.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday* from 07:30 to 18:30.
* With sufficient enthusiasm, the group will open for more days, so feel free to indicate if you are interested in Wednesday and/or Friday.


To create stability and regularity in the language offered, we advise you to register your child for at least 3 days.

There are limited spots available!

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