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Small-scale - personal - sweet - child-oriented

The focus of a daycare should be  the development of children. At Keiki Holo Holo children are stimulated in their development. We are always identifying and adjusting where necessary. This is partly achieved by providing responsible childcare, mentorship and a easier transition to primary education.  

Every child is unique, that is the biggest guideline we follow. Children have the opportunity to make their own choices about how to do something and to indicate what they need. From infancy, children give signals to make clear what they want/need. Think of a baby's cry and body language. 

Our experienced and committed team has an unfailing sense of what your kind needs. They make time for a cuddle, play a game while changing and putting your child to sleep. We keep the familiar rhythm of home as much as possible. That gives your kind a safe and familiar feeling.  

Openness in the daycare center is a major point. Besides the fact that the spaces are "open" with a lot of windows and doors where we can combine the  groups, the entire daycare has "the doors always open" to parents and interested parties. You feel welcome to come and drink coffee/ tea or walk into the office for a pleasant conversation (for important matters, make an appointment).

We put fun and safety first! Physical health is stimulated by a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, playing outside and attention to hygiene. 
Would you like to view our entire pedagogical policy plan ? Then look at our website under the heading additional information or contact de administration of our daycare Keiki Holo Holo.

Happy greetings,

Debby van Heyningen & Neshla Staal
(Keiki Holo Holo daycare Holders)

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