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childcare per hour

Daycare per hour to be purchased incidentally

A unique concept in childcare that gives parents the opportunity to only purchase a few hours of childcare!

For example:

  • Your childminder is sick.

  • As a parent you have an appointment with a doctor and you cannot take your child.

  • At some point you want to be able to go to the city on your own, simply because it's easier.

  • You want to catch up on a few hours of sleep after a hard night.

  • You want to spend a morning in the sauna with your partner or friends.

  • Or you just want some time together or for yourself.

Then simply use “childcare per hour”!

How does it work?

*Existing customers start at step 3.

  1. Register your child and indicate that it concerns “childcare per hour”. Register here

  2. Sign the contract digitally. After paying for the annual subscription, the party can begin!

  3. You can request chidcare up to 3 working days in advance via e-mail or telephone. Do you need a few hours of childcare today? Call us for the possibilities. (This is not possible via the parent login).

  4. The hours taken are invoiced at the end of the month.

  5. You can find the annual overview for applying for childcare allowance via the parent login. For customers with an existent contract, the extra hours are processed in the existing annual statement.


Annual subscription for customers without an existent occupation: €15,-  administration costs . Can start any time of the year.

Hourly rate:  €10.00  per hour taken (of which in 2022 a maximum of €8.50 will be reimbursed from the "kinderopvangtoeslag") . Parts of hours are rounded up to whole hours.



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