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What a luck!

Now you too can come and work at daycare Keiki Holo Holo!

Because at Keiki the children and the employees are very important! At Keiki you will find,
- A very nice team, with a family feeling.
- A small-scale working environment in which everyone knows each other.
- Lots of freedom and fun.
- A cooperative employer.
- Work-life balance.
- Discount on childcare for your own child(ren).

It is true! Fill in the form and we will contact you and first speak to a future colleague.

We are looking for:

  • PMs

  • BBL students

  • They entrants

  • Holiday helpers

Do you think it would be fun to work for us (during the holidays) but you don't know if you are qualified? We are happy to help you find this out. ​

Kan je niet wachten? Solliciteren nu!

Leuk! Wij nemen zo snel mogelijk contact met u op.

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