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Welkom: Welcome
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small scale - long opening hours

centrally located - personal - loving

"Every child is unique and can be who he or she is.
In a warm environment that is almost like home.
The sound of roaring laughter is amazing .
Sometimes crying is allowed, playing and developing,

it will be a nice day again."

We are opening soon a
bilingual group.


... to the website of Daycare Keiki Holo Holo. We are a small-scale daycare center located in Nootdorp. Our specialization is providing day care for the age of 0 - 4 years with a 3+ group which offers preschool activities. 

The groups are very spacious, bright and freshly furnished. The age group is taken into account so that it fits the age and development. We believe that childcare should be an extension of the child's home situation. With that in mind, we have kept our daycare on a small scale and furnished it in a homely atmosphere. We adapt our daycare to the age and needs of your child. In our warm and safe environment, your son or daughter will make new friends and discover the big world with us. Of course we involve you as a parent in everything we do. Together we ensure that your child receives the very best childcare. Would you like to know how we do this?  Discover our daycare, get in contact with us!

A loving environment for every child.


See you,
Team Keiki Holo Holo

"children's first steps"

“...August 2011, the Daycare Keiki Holo Holo started at Dorpsplein 3 in Nootdorp. A non-standard name has been chosen for our daycare.

Keiki Holo Holo means "baby's first steps" in the Hawaiian language.

When we started the daycare, we went looking for a name that had to suit us and that had a beautiful meaning. This name had to be different from others, but also had to refer to children. We came across the name "Keiki Holo Holo" in a song & dance from Sesame Street. It is a cheerful but above all special name with a beautiful meaning! Keiki Holo Holo!..."

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