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Our Daycare (KDV)

Our daycare consists of three vertical groups and a 3+ group. This means that in each vertical group there are children between 0 and 4 years old. The  groups are named "Family Lief", "Family Knus" and "Family Troetel". Information about our 3+ group ("Family Ietsepietsie") can be found here.

Children indicate, from birth, very well what they want and what they need. At our daycare center we think it is important to look and responde to that signals of each individual child. This creates an atmosphere where you don't work with a inflexible schedule, allowing the children to set their own rhythm. Of course there are also children who need more guidance in a daily rhythm. After all, every child is unique. 

For the babies, we try as much as possible to follow the same rotine that they have at home (within the possibilities of the group).



As a daycare, we are positive about giving breast milk. The parents can provide fresh or frozen portions of breast milk or come to our daycare to feed their babies.

The question about how the breast milk is stored, heated and offered to de baby can be asked direct to the teachers. Together they can figure out the best situation that suits both parties.

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