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Due to the current corona measures, the tour in our nursery is limited. The best days to schedule a ​​tour are on Wednesday and Friday.  Because it is quieter in our nursery on these days, there are more possibilities to show you our family groups.

If it is not possible for you to schedule a ​​viewing on Wednesday or Friday, we can still receive you on the other days of the week, unfortunately we can. with more limited access to the group areas. During all tours we strive to find a good  balance   in which you can optimally feel and see what it is like at Keiki Holo Holo, while our children, employees and protect you as best as possible against the corona virus.

Can't wait to take a look at our cozy nursery? Get a taste of the atmosphere with the digital 360 Keiki tour. We hope to meet you soon.

Welcome to Keiki Holo Holo

Small-scale - personal - sweet - child-oriented

At Keiki Holo Holo children are stimulated in their development and they are also identified and adjusted where necessary. This is partly achieved by providing responsible childcare, mentorship and a “warm” transfer (ongoing development) when the child moves from daycare to primary education.  

Vertical groups

Our nursery consists of three vertical groups. This means that in each vertical group there are children of various ages between 0 and 4 years. The groups are called "Familie Lief", "Familie Knus" and "Familie Troetel".

3+ group

The 3+ group is especially for children from their 3rd birthday. In this group, the 3+ children will be slowly prepared for the next step, primary school.

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