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Learning to eat healthy is an important foundation. What children eat in the first years after birth makes an important contribution to development. But your taste preference is also developed during this period. The more flavors you learn from a young age, the easier it is to continue eating healthy later on. With friends at the table, tasting is a lot easier. This makes the daycare the place to discover new flavors together.

That is why we serve the warm meals from Madaga daily at Keiki Holo Holo. This way your little one has a healthy option when you come to pick it up!

Madaga cooks especially for children

Children are not mini-adults when it comes to food. Not only in what they need, but also tastes and structures they experience very differently.


Madaga cooks healthy meals that have been specially developed for children. From baby to BSO. Healthy and fresh ingredients are used for this. Each meal contains at least one portion of vegetables and all meals meet the guidelines of the Nutrition Center. Does your little one have an allergy or special food wish? That is also taken care of!


And do they like it? Absolutely! All recipes have been tested by a panel of critical toddlers, at least 80% of the children licked their fingers!

See food, make food!

Babies have a preference for sweet and fatty flavors. The healthy but bitter vegetable takes some getting used to. Sometimes children have to taste a flavor 10 to 15 times before they like it.


Fortunately, our pedagogical employees know better than anyone how to encourage the children to taste a bite every time. But eating together with other children also turns out to work very well, when the friends try a snack, the rest follow them. In this way they learn to discover healthy flavours, bit by bit.

A party at the table

Of course we make it a party at the table! With fun activities, songs and games, we make taste development a party. Our partner Madaga also regularly shares great tips for home. Check out their inspiration page here .

Would you like to know more about the meals from Madaga?

Ask an employee  or take a look at

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